"Cordial beinvegni"

De En Nl

Beinvegni in the holiday region of Disentis Sedrun, near the place where the Rhine starts in Bünderland. Here where beauty and simplicity melt together, flower and alp-meadows are untouched and people are warm and friendly. Welcome amidst peace and quietness. Welcome to our home.

Our home

Our home is located in the middle of the old Bündner-town Segnas and offers a great starting point for various winter and summer activities. The ski slope towards the base station of the Disentis ski area can be reached within a few minutes walk - you can ski back till a few meters from our house.

The house has been decorated and furnished with love and care. We want to provide our guests with a warm and not typical holiday apartment atmosphere.


Segnas is a sunny little village with approximately 250 inhabitants. It is part of Disentis and is located in the beautiful Swiss alps at 1331 meters height. It is an old and well kept traditional village, authentic and far away from daily hectic.

Disentis can be reached in a few minutes by car or within 20-30 minutes by a nice scenic walk. The train from Disentis to Sedrun also stops in Segnas when requested. Afterwards it's a 10 minute up-hill walk into the village.

The original name of the Segnas probably comes from the latin word "signum". This means so much as "signpost" or "indicator". In the past many used the village as an indicator if they were on the right track, as it is very visible from a far distance.