About us
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About us

We are Milena & Floris, married since 2007 and the fortunate owners of Casa Zuela since December 2009. The house has been owned by Milena's family for many years.

Floris was born in Zeist, the Netherlands, and studied in Enschede. In 2000 he moved to Switzerland

Milena grew up in Thurgau, in the east of Switzerland, and has spent many holidays during her youth with her grandmother in this house.

In july 2010 our daugther Alizée was born. Soon afterwards we moved to the Netherlands, where we worked and lived for ca. three years. During our stay in The Hague, the Netherlands, our son Jesse was born.

In April 2013 we realised our dream and went travelling for 6 months with our kids. We enjoyed the east coast of USA and Canada for three months and travelled around through the beautiful countries of Scandinavia and ended our journey in the south of France. Since October 2013 we are back and look forward to spending much more time in Segnas.

Casa Zuela – background to the name

Casa Zuela is a guesthouse in Luang Nam Tha in the north of Laos. During our 6 month round-the-world trip in 2006 we slept in the at that time brand new hostel for many days. We directly felt at home, relaxed and really enjoyed staying there. We would like you to feel the same in our house.